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Guide to historical Lund and its cultural heritage

  Public Art

“Rymdfält av frid” (Space of Peace)

The sculpture “Rymdfält av frid” (Space of Peace) from 1972, was created by the Spanish artist Eduardo Chillida. It is a square block of granite situated on the city square, Stortorget, in front of the City Hall.    The artwork remains unfinished. Chillida’s intention with the black granite sculpture is to focus attention on all the […]

The Hill Monument

Opposite ”Folkets Hus” stands a sculpture dedicated to Lund’s greatest artist, Carl Fredrik Hill (1849 – 1911). His childhood home was on Skomarkaregatan. After many years studying art in Paris, where he suffered bouts of insanity, he returned to his family home in Lund, where he remained until his death, looked after by his sisters. […]

The man who broke out from the rock

In the south-eastern corner of Universitetsplatsen (University Square) stands the sculpture “The man who broke out from the rock”. The rock in the sculpture symbolises the darkness of ignorance. The artwork was created in granite by Axel Ebbe and donated by the City of Lund in honour of the university’s 250th anniversary in 1918.