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The Hill Monument

   Public Art


Opposite ”Folkets Hus” stands a sculpture dedicated to Lund’s greatest artist, Carl Fredrik Hill (1849 – 1911).

His childhood home was on Skomarkaregatan. After many years studying art in Paris, where he suffered bouts of insanity, he returned to his family home in Lund, where he remained until his death, looked after by his sisters.

The sculpture, entitled “Fossil composition”, created by Arne Jones, alludes to Hill’s art during his periods of illness. It was inaugurated in 1955.

The sculpture enjoys the honored position of being Lund’s first public Modernist sculpture

  Senast uppdaterad 20 August, 2019 av Kristoffer Lindblad
  Publicerad 9 August, 2014 av Ingrid André