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Guide to historical Lund and its cultural heritage

Guide to historical Lund and its cultural heritage

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Ekska House


Ekska House is situated on Sankt Petri Kyrkogata. It is a half-timbered structure, the western part being built in 1823 and the eastern part in 1826. It is believed that the house originally had a plaster façade, as was the style of the time, and the half-timbers exposed sometime around the 1920’ies. The merchant Jacob […]

The Lund Carneval (Lundakarnevalen)


Every fourth year, thousands of students today are involved with arranging the carnival procession and various amusements in the carnival area.  The Lund carnival, organized by the students of Lund University, takes place each fourth year. The carnival centre is the park Lundagård, situated between the Academic Society, the university building and the Cathedral. The […]

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Liberiet was built during the 15th century and served as the cathedral library during the Middle Ages. Its name comes from the Danish word “liberi”, meaning collection of books or library, which in turn can be traced to the Latin word for book, “liber”. This is the only building that still remains today out of […]

  Publicerad 11 August, 2019

Kulturen – The Museum of Cultural History in Lund


It started at Midsummer 1882, when some students in Lund decided to found the Association for the Cultural History of Southern Sweden. The central figure in this group of enthusiasts, whose first interest was rural dialects, was Georg J:son Karlin, the son of a clergyman from Huaröd, in the middle of Skåne (Scania). In the […]

  Publicerad 5 October, 2015

Kristallen (The Crystal) – an environmentally smart building


The municipal building, Kristallen, situated on the west side of the railway, north of Lund Central Station, was inaugurated in April 2014. Parts of the social administration as well as the city planning office, technical administration and environmental administration now occupy the building. With 11,000 square metres of office space, the new building can accommodate […]

  Publicerad 22 April, 2015

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The Cathedral Chapter House (Domkapitelhuset)


On this site, at the corner of Kiliansgatan and Krafts Torg, a one-storey building once stood until 1928 housing both the parish registrar’s office and the restaurant Malmen. The Chapter House that stands here today functions as the premises for the chapter house administration and parish administration. From the Middle  Ages up until the Reformation, […]

The Drotten church ruins


The Drotten church ruins date from approximately 1050. The church was a 50 m long structure of unusual shape, probably indicating that it was intended for a bishop. The remains of the medieval stone church were found during archaeological excavations in 1970 -1980. Traces of an older wooden stave church were also found during the […]

Charles XII (also Carl of Sweden) residence

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The so-called Charles XII residence was probably built between 1586 and 1589 by CorfitzViffert in the building style of that in the Netherlands. The façade is characteristic of this style. It is quite likely that parts of a medieval building are incorporated in the current building. At the end of the 16th century, it had […]