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(Bjärredsbanan) The Bjärred Line – a railway line to the seaside



Running alongside the street Lokföraregatan (Locomotive Engine Driver Street) at the outer edge of the newly built district Sockerbruket lies a pedestrian and bicycle track with somewhat irregular cross-striped markings. These markings bear a close resemblance to railway sleepers and are intended to do so as a reminder of the former railway line – (Bjärredsbanan) the Bjärred line – which once passed along this route transporting the Lund  ”bathing” train,  with its passengers westwards towards the sea. The line opened in 1901 at the same time as the saltwater bathing facility in Bjärred. The line however was never sufficiently profitable and subsequently closed in the summer of 1939.

For a long time at the end of the cycle track across from the street Bryggaregatan by Tetrapak’s car park, the last remnant of the Bjärred Line could still be seen -. However, no longer, as it was removed at the end of May 2017 in connection with earthworks in the area.

Text and photo: Ingrid André

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  Publicerad 9 December, 2021 av Ingrid André