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Saluhallen (Market Hall)


RK saluhallen

Market Hall is not only located in the centre of town, it also enjoys a central position in many people’s perception of Lund. Market Hall is a great asset  within the old city culture.

Trade in meat and fish had traditionally been conducted from covered wagons on the main square, Stortorget. Following increasing demands on hygiene, this practice was ended. Instead Market Hall was opened in 1909 consisting of a large hall and two smaller ones where cheese and fish were sold. 46 traders occupied the hall selling goods from the start in 1909.

Market Hall quickly became a meeting place for all who valued good food and excellent produce. Chefs, restaurateurs as well as ordinary citizens queued on equal terms to be served by the many talented traders.

Proposals to demolish the Market Hall in conjunction with other changes within the area continued throughout the 1960s. In 1968, the City Council allocated SEK 50 000 towards rebuilding proposals. Following heated debate and protests, such plans were rejected. In 1973, Market Hall underwent renovation and rebuilding.

Further extensive refurbishment to Market Hall continued up until 2012. On behalf of the City Council, an extension designed by architect Viggo Marsvik was added facing out towards Botulfsplatsen . Major changes were also made to the interior. A second floor was added and on the ground floor space was made available for a number of restaurants. Outdoor dining facilities were also added. The facade materials of the building are in accordance with the original red brick market hall while the facade facing Botulfsplatsen has been afforded a more contemporary design with a glazed facade reflecting the surroundings. The official re-opening ceremony took place in November 2012.

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