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Rausing, Ruben (1895 – 1983), industrial magnate, founder of Tetra Pak


Rausing Ruben

Ruben Rausing was born in Råå and the son of master painter August Andersson. In connection with his graduation (1915) at Nicolai School in Helsingborg, then Gossläroverket “Gossis”, he adopted the name Rausing after his home parish Raus. His studies, paid for by an aunt, took him to the Stockholm School of Economics.

It started with Åkerlund & Rausing
After graduating in 1918, a scholarship year in the United States followed, where the packaging industry there made a strong impression on him. During the 20’s, Rausing worked at SLT, now Esselte, where he met Erik Åkerlund, an employee of the company Åhlén and Åkerlund. In 1929, the company Åkerlund och Rausing was founded with its headquarters in Malmö. Business went well and in 1933, Rausing was able to free himself from his partner. In 1939, the company moved to Lund.

The development of the Tetran
The company’s production of dry packaging had proved successful but now development work concentrated on paper packaging for milk. Erik Wallenberg, a laboratory assistant at the company, made the basic invention of the tetrahedron and, after further development, the finished solution, “tetran”, was presented in 1946. Five years later, the company Tetra Pak was formed. The first packaging equipment for the new product was delivered to Lundaortens Mejeriförening (the Lund Dairy Association) in 1952.
The Tetran was followed by the brick-shaped Tetra Brik, which became the world’s best-selling liquid package. In 1965, the Rausing family sold their stake in Åkerlund and Rausing to concentrate on Tetra Pak. Since 1994, Tetra Pak has been part of the Tetra Laval Group with roots in Alfa-Laval.

The Rausing family
The Rausing family has become one of Europe’s, if not the world’s richest family. Ruben Rausing dedicated his life to business enterprise. In 1969 he emigrated to Lausanne but continued taking great interest in his farm Simontorp situated outside Blentarp, which today is a prominent company in various avenues of farming. He led his sons Gad and Hans to advanced positions within Tetra Pak
Since Hans Rausing had previously been bought out, the company is now owned by Gad Rausing’s children. Gad Rausing died in 2000. Together with his wife, he founded “Birgit and Gad Rausing’s Foundation for Humanistic Research” in 1995, which each year awards prizes to outstanding humanistic research projects.
Since 1995, Sigrid Rausing, daughter of Hans Rausing, has run the “Sigrid Rausing Trust”, which supports human rights, environmental protection and women’s rights.
Ruben, is buried in Raus cemetery together with his previously deceased wife Elisabeth. A bust of him can be seen in Råå.

Text: Ingrid Meijling

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