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Lund Cathedral clock


Dom Ur1

Horologium Mirabile Lundense

The wonderful clock in Lund – Horologium Mirabile Lundense – is an astronomical clock dating from about 1420. The clock plays twice a day with the Three Wise Men from the East moving forwards to pay homage to the new born baby Jesus, sitting on Mary’s lap at the clock’s centre. The upper part shows the sky from Lund’s horizon and also includes the various phases of the moon. Using this as the starting point, a number of astronomical calculations can be made. The lower part is a calendar extending from 1923 to 2123. Using this calendar, it is possible to calculate which day of the week a specific date falls. At the uppermost part of the clock, the knights of light and darkness can be seen fighting each other.     

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  Publicerad 5 August, 2014 av Ingrid André