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Kristallen (The Crystal) – an environmentally smart building



The municipal building, Kristallen, situated on the west side of the railway, north of Lund Central Station, was inaugurated in April 2014. Parts of the social administration as well as the city planning office, technical administration and environmental administration now occupy the building. With 11,000 square metres of office space, the new building can accommodate 550 workplaces.  

In 2009 an architectural competition for a new municipal building was staged and the winners were Christensen & Co Architects from Copenhagen. The competition also included a new square, Brotorget, in front of the building. The interior designers were Architects Asa Haremst, White and the English artist Liam Gillick was responsible for the artistic decorations, which consist of black benches and shelving both outside and inside the building walls.

Kristallen has extremely low energy consumption. In winter, the building is heated via geothermal energy extracted from 40 boreholes and in the summer, it is cooled using a similar technique. Heating and cooling pumps connected to the layer of boreholes are supplemented by solar panelling on the roof and wastewater heat exchange systems. Demand-controlled ventilation and heat provide good comfort.  Energy-efficient appliances, low-flow water taps and presence regulated LED lighting have all been installed. There are also standby generators in the event of any malfunctions.

The facades
The facades facing south and west are designed with variable solar shading and a heavy frame has been incorporated in the building facing the railway to reduce noise and absorb vibrations.

Highest environmental classification
The building achieved the highest rating levels both within a national system that assesses energy, indoor climate, materials and chemicals, and a local classification system.

Communal facilities
In Kristallen are some forty service bicycles and ten electric bicycles, which can be borrowed by the employees, as well as company cars that operate in a carpool system. Office Service is responsible for internal service in the building. Conference rooms of various sizes are available on level one and seven and on level seven there is also a canteen where employees can have coffee, buy lunch or heat and eat food they have brought with them.

Visitors access the building via the entrance in the north towards Brotorget. The square is part of a ramp up to the new bridge over the railway, Skyttelbron. When the building on the east side of the railway is completed it will be possible to cycle up to the bridge via a ramp on that side as well. Until then, bikes are allowed in the elevator on the east side. Parking for visitors is available on Västra Station Square, along Bruksgatan beside track 6 on the railway’s west side or north of the freight shed on the east side.

In 2014, Kristallen was nominated for the Kasper Salin Prize, the most prestigious architectural award in Sweden.

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