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Lund University Historical Museum



Lund University Historical Museum was originally conceived as the bishop´s residence and constructed 1840-45 in Romanesque style to drawings by Professor Axel Nyström. The cathedral architect and building superintendent Carl Georg Brunius, made several changes to the building during the course of the work. In 1848 the Church exchanged it for the University´s prominent new building on northern Sandgatan. The departments of zoology, chemistry and physics moved in.

In 1917, under the supervision of cathedral architect Theodore Wåhlin, the building was renovated for the Historical Museum, and given a new entrance from Sandgatan. When the cathedral chapter was reconstructed in 1931, the eastern end of the building was linked to the Cathedral Museum by a footbridge. The main entrance from Krafts torg, which is also the entrance to the Cathedral Museum, was restored in 2005. The Historical Museum is now a national building monument.

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