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Harald Bluetooth, died 986 or 987, Danish king


Harald Blåtand
Harald Bluetooth’s baptism. The baptismal font in Tandrum's church.

Harald Bluetooth was the father of Sven Forkbeard, the founder of Lund. Harald was the son of the Danish king Gorm the Elder, who, in the year c.900, created a kingdom around Jelling in central Jutland. According to the runestone, which Harald himself erected at Jelling, he was the conqueror “of all Denmark and Norway and converted the Danes to Christianity”. During this time, Skåne was Danish – Eastern Denmark! – and Harald no doubt also assisted in the founding of Lund.

Nowadays, he is probably best known for the use of his namesake Bluetooth, a standard for wireless communication. Bluetooth was developed in a project at Ericsson in Lund. 

A street in the suburb of Linero bears his name – (Harald Blåtands gränd) Harald Bluetooth Lane.

Text: Ingrid André

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