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Charles XII (also Carl of Sweden) residence


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The so-called Charles XII residence was probably built between 1586 and 1589 by CorfitzViffert in the building style of that in the Netherlands. The façade is characteristic of this style. It is quite likely that parts of a medieval building are incorporated in the current building. At the end of the 16th century, it had a much steeper tiled roof than today and stepped gables were added.  

When Charles XII came to Lund in 1716, he took residence in the building, which was then owned by a professor at the university. The king returned periodically to stay here up until 1718.

In 1837, the building was purchased by the cathedral chapter and used to house the Cathedral School. Apart from the removal of the plaster in 1927, the building has retained its present appearance since renovation work was undertaken in 1856.

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