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Carl von Linné and The Linné Statue

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Standing at Petriplatsen outside the city library is the statue of Carl von Linné (Carl Linnaeus), who studied in Lund from 1727 to 1728. The statue, by Ansgar Almqvist (1889-1973), was erected in 1938 to commemorate the hundred year anniversary of Linné’s studies in Lund.

Carl von Linné was born in Råshult, Småland on May 23rd, 1707. He was a botanist, physician, geologist, zoologist and educationalist. He was also responsible for laying the foundations of the modern classification system for grouping plants and animals as well as the modern nomenclature used in biology. He is considered the father of modern ecology. Carl von Linné was the leading botanist of his era. 

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