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Guide to historical Lund and its cultural heritage

Lund University Historical Museum


Lund University Historical Museum was originally conceived as the bishop´s residence and constructed 1840-45 in Romanesque style to drawings by Professor Axel Nyström. The cathedral architect and building superintendent Carl Georg Brunius, made several changes to the building during the course of the work. In 1848 the Church exchanged it for the University´s prominent new […]

The Academic Society building


Akademiska Föreningen (The Academic Society building) with its fivestorey corner towers and renaissance architecture, was built in 1851 to drawings by architect H.J.Strömberg for the Academic Society. In 1911 the building was extended with a large round tower designed by architect Fredrik Sundbärg. New construction to the north and extensive interior renovation in 1946 and […]

The Lundagård House

Kungshus 1

The Lundagård House, was erected in 1578-1584 on the order of the Danish king Fredrik II. The architect was Diiriik Byggmästare. The house, which was built as a residence for the king and his sheriff Björn Kaas, was originally two storeys high and had an entrance in the tower faced the cathedral. During the 1643-1645 […]

University institution


This University institution was built in 1853 in a romanticising medieval style by the architect H.J. Strömberg for the university´s department of anatomy. In 1897 the building was taken over by the department og geology and in 1930 by the department of theology. Later the department of archaeology dwelt here before it in 2014 was […]